Saturday, January 29, 2011

Third Time Lucky..?

So, here we are at present day...

Hoping that our third try will be the charm. It is such an emotional build up, getting ready for each new attempt. Choosing your donor is such a surreal experience. That special lady will have half the genetic make up of our child(!) As the donors are anonymous, only their photograph, a social description and a certain amount of medical info is available. We have tended to choose our lady on a combination of things which feels right for us.
Our doctor has chosen our surrogate and we are hoping for the transfer to happen sometime next week. Fingers and toes are crossed for this to succeed. In the meantime we have the birthdays of my husband and mother to celebrate, so its going to be a busy week; one where I will be checking that email at regular intervals for any word from India....c'mon baby dust....we are so ready for some good news.


  1. Exciting and nerve wracking!! Postive vibes for you here in Canada.

  2. Best of luck, This will happen for you guys.

  3. Wow SJ you have been busy. We have everything crossed for you this time. We were third time lucky - well sort of third& fourth with two surrogates.
    You mali is so cute !!!