Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Months (already!)

                   Today was the first try of the Bumbo chairs..the girls seemed to enjoy them.

                           The Persian Princesses- Souveniers from my parents trip to Iran.

                                         Still able to enjoy outings in the sunny winter days.

                                                        The Jolly Jumper-very popular.

June 3rd was the girls 6 month birthday. We still think of them as closer to 4+ months being the adjusted age as they were born about 2 months early even to a twin gestation of around 38wks.

We took the opportunity of introducing them to a very small try of baby food. As with everything with these two cuties we had two very different reactions. Surprise and curiosity mostly, but they did enjoy the new experience. We will be sticking to the bottles for now, with just a little try now and again. Will have to photograph them next time.

We have had plenty of outings and the girls also have a new ride...the Baby Jogger Select Twin. We have the BJ City Mini Twin which is the side-by-side, but have found having the option of the tandem style too means any adventure can be catered to.

We have recently found a new park close by which has a cafe-restaurant, fenced play area, very clean bathrooms/baby change and a fenced puppy park. We all enjoyed ourselves yesterday at this gorgeous spot.

Will keep the updates coming...

...and as always,

Best Wishes To All xx