Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding...(ours!)

Enjoyed watching the highlights of The Royal Wedding. I was lucky enough to be on a harbour cruise for the evening with two close girlfriends. With a little cheeky persistance we did manage to get a tv switched on to at least check out the dress and the arriving guests for us three 'on- duty fashion police' to scrutinise :) We thought Kates (Catherines) dress was lovely, although we all agreed, a slightly longer train and veil would given a more dramatic feel sweeping over the stairs.

It did make us two married ladies reminisce about our own wedding days. That thrill and excitement of arriving in a special car to meet your future husband, of solemn vows and of a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

Thoughout our journey to try and have a family, and surviving our recent sadness and dissapointments, I am so thankful that we found eachother and are travelling this road together. Although a challenging quest in so many ways , our surrogacy adventure has brought us closer than ever.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A good read...

Have spent the last few days reading this book. Bought it on eBay for a song, and would recommend it as a good read for anyone going through ivf/surrogacy. The doctor sounds a lovely and caring person who never loses hope for his patients to become parents one way or another. Much like our doctor too! The book shares the personal stories of couples while covering the scientific portion of ivf I found most interesting. Although the book is a little dated, the ivf procedures described are the same used today, probably just refined over time. Much like the blogs, it is comforting to read about other peoples feelings, struggles & success stories as we navigate along our path.

We are enjoying our Easter break. Some time to relax together at home as well as heading out to see family and friends. Mali loves all the attention of having us both home..constant cuddle time!

I love her happy little face and propellor tail-she can always make us smile!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Many Thanks...

We are going through a sad time yet again, but we remain positive that this will work out for us eventually and we will start a family. It just has to work. On the practical side there doesnt seem any reason why it should not...weve just taken a longer road. We are so ready to use the GPS navigation-lets just get there already! For some reason my blog didnt accept comments. We would like to thank our dear surro friends for all the lovely thoughtful and caring emails, messages and calls. It really does help so much to have the support from those who really know how it is. Friends and family continue to strongly support us on our adventure as well. We are deciding where to go to from here. A couple of options are available to us, and we will go in the direction recommended. A reasonable waiting time will ensue before anything starts again. We will use this time to recover and to take some deep breaths in preparation for the ride to start again... Best wishes, SJ & B xx

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bad News...Sad News...

We got the phonecall no one wants to receive. Our little one did not have a heartbeat on the follow up scan. We are so upset and dissapointed. As before, we will take time to grieve our little one we never got to meet and look towards the future...

Thanks again everyone for all your support... and to our surro friends who have and are about to become parents, you are our inspiration.