Saturday, March 24, 2012

Little Update :)

We are having a wonderful time with our little ladies. The girls attended their first formal event last weekend-a family wedding to celebrate and lots of extended family to meet and greet. Dressed to impress with cute little designer baby dresses (thankyou eBay!) they enjoyed their big day out and loved all the hugs and cuddles.

Im enjoying the stay-at-home Mum experience. Its so nice to spend time with the girls, watching them being cute and adorable day after day :) They are doing well and tonight we are going to try and drop the 2am night feed for the first time..not sure how that will go, but at least its a Saturday night if they dont agree its a good idea!

Otherwise we continue to love and cherish our little miracles everyday and give thanks for our beautiful little family. Best wishes to all, SJ & B xx