Thursday, November 24, 2011


We are starting to get very excited now! ( We are finally allowing ourselves to get very excited now! )

Things are going along well, our surrogate mother is doing such a wonderful job of taking it easy, and keeping our babies safe and sound. We are feeling "on standby" but hope to not have any calls for a while yet. We head into Wk31 next week, so time is moving along as our little ones continue to grow strong before making their long anticipated arrival.

We are about halfway in putting the nursery together. Hopefully by the end of this weekend I can share a picture or two. I really should have done a before and after snap. Not of the room before, as it was perfectly ok as an office/exercise room, but last weekend looked like a hardware store had collided with a baby store, within a charity store with stuff everywhere, total chaos - but I guess this little Virgo had better get used to that kind of thing :)

This week I intend to do the 'big reveal' at work...Im so nervous just thinking about it. I imagine this will be quite a big 'need to share/gossip about' event....eeeek! I do feel bad for taking so long to share our news, but after the hard times we've been through, I couldnt bring myself to let so many people know, when things were still early days this time around, and we have been so petrified the entire time. Im sure they will understand and can soon share in our excitement and butterflies over the next few weeks. SO, so excited ( oh, and a little nervous - TWINS!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beautiful Baby Belly!

We were so happy to get some photos of our lovely surrogate mother. She remains in the hospital under observation, and on bedrest, so no jumping up for photos or off to Dr Jollys for scans at this stage. Its great our clinic can still make us feel involved by sending us pictures. Our doctor wrote "The babies say HI!" - how cute :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In the know :)

Well my research has certainly paid off! I now feel competely confident after following the above instructions :) We otherwise had a lovely yet busy weekend socialising with friends in gorgeous spring weather. This afternoon I went through and sorted out all the tiny baby clothes into one box as outfits covering from prem till about 2yrs have somehow found their way to our place thanks to an ebay facination mixed with a shop-o-holic tendency!

Updates followed that our surrogate mother remains in hospital under observation and bedrest. All remains stable and there is no immediate concern at this time. My mantra is "please get through November" that would have the babies in a much safer point in time. We are booked for Delhi at the end of December though and we obviously hope for the babies to stay put till then.

Its an exciting time in blogland at present, with so many precious babes due any day now. We look forward to celebrating from afar.