Saturday, April 28, 2012

Twincess Updates

 Hello To All!

Sorry I have been a bit slow with the blog updates this month. Lara and Amy have been doing well and keeping us busy. We have enjoyed some lovely outings with the girls - visiting, picnicing and shopping. They are doing fine with the extended feeding routine, which makes life easier not to be getting out the bottles every couple of hours when you are out and about. We do a mixture of  4 hour feeds in the day and a 5 hour overnight. We feel so lucky to have such happy little babies. They seem content to go along with whatever new thing is happening without any fuss (so far!). Spending time with so much cuteness is wonderful :)

We are getting lots of smiles (hardly ever when the camera is out though...) and they are both trying to 'talk' which is very sweet to hear. Both the girls try to hold their bottles, so there is an independent streak from both of them. They have had their immunization injections and apart from a slight fever for Amy it all went ok.

Mali continues to be great with the girls apart from her issue of  'hyper-security' meaning alarming barks will happen, for like a leaf dropping or a car door being closed a suburb away, but I think we are all somewhat used to it by now.

The days tend to fly by as our little ladies get bigger and stronger. Im often on my iphone internet rather than the laptop, so even though I dont often get to comment, I am keeping up with all the blogland news and always thinking of and sending my best to everyone on their journey.

Best Wishes,
SJ & B xx