Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home :)

We have all arrived safely back home. The exit process although stressful at times, was completed in time for us to leave Delhi and board our pre-booked flights. Travelling with newborn twins is certainly a unique experience. The girls did well, even though they barely shut their eyes (ie: no sleep for either of us) but it was more the random questions/comments that made it all the more interesting. The customs lady could not believe we had babies in the carry bags, she was convinced they were simply sportsbags of handluggage! Its been pretty busy around here, getting our routines in order and working out the best place and way to do things since setting up somewhere other than the hotel suite we called home for 6 weeks.

We are so happy to be back home, with hand washing all the dishes and clothes a distant memory (nightmare)! A wider choice of home dining and TV in our own language as well as living in a space that consists of more than two rooms and having a car in the driveway on standby at all times is a luxury too.

The girls are doing well and seem very happy in their new home. We are excited to get Mali back with us on the weekend. We are currently doing shifts to look after the girls, as although the feeds are every 3hrs, by the time you feed, burp,change,burp and settle two little ladies, you are almost up to the next 3hrly feed again!

We are so happy to have Amy and Lara as our beautiful daughters. We feel so very lucky, our dreams have come true.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ready, Steady...

We are getting ready for the trip back home. One more day to enjoy the sights and sounds of Delhi. Our little girls are well and being cute and cuddly. Even though Lara has discovered "the scream" which is very high-pitched and loud, but only lasts for a moment or two, and only during bathtimes. Amy loves a snuggle in your arms to settle and get sleepy.

Our paperwork side of things is just completed now (passports delivered a few minutes ago!) so that stressful side of things appears to be over. The girls were fine during all the official visits and appointments we went to, it was very unsettling for us!

A highlight this week was being able to meet our wonderful surrogate mother. It meant so much to be able to thank her personally for taking such care in looking after and safely delivering our beautiful girls. She was such a sweet lady and we will always be grateful to her. Our egg donor will always be in our thoughts too. We wish them the happiness they have given to us.

Family and friends are excited to meet the girls and we look forward to celebrating!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Little (Aussie) Ladies..

Welcome to our newest little Australians!!

We are moving along with the paperwork side of things, and hope to be heading back home in the next week or so. We have had an amazing time here, but are looking forward to getting home now to be with family and friends and our fur baby Mali.

We are getting to know the girls well with all their little likes and dislikes. Lara still hates having a bath, or any water contact really, so swimming lessons will be on hold for now :) Amy isnt shy with a frown if shes not happy about something! They are both keeping us busy, but they rarely cry or fuss as long as we adhere to their 3 hourly routine. They usually start waving their arms from their cot about 15mins before feeds to make sure their 'staff' have started the bottle preparation!

Meanwhile, we hope the next few days go swiftly and smoothly and we will be looking forward to-(???AAHHH!!!)-the 15hour+ flight home ;)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Baby Love :)

We are so happy to have our little girls both back with us. What an amazing New Years Day gift!!
Our ladies are loving their new home with soft lighting, low noise and plenty of cuddles.

We are very lucky to have our wonderful nurses to help out and to teach us plenty too. My parents are over here and loving their new-found grandparent experience. Daddy Bs family are called with all the updates, and will visit us as soon as we arrive back in Australia.

We will continue the exit process from now with the girls getting their passport photos done by the 'baby photo specialist' today. From now the paper-trail really starts, but we have enlisted some professional help to make it as easy and straightforward as possible- hopefully(?!).

We have had quite a giggle at some of the well-meaning comments made to us here..I know we are first time parents but the hotel foyer returning with Amy"oh this is your second baby..where is the other one?" (shes upstairs in the room) "by herself??!!" (ah no with the nurse and both my parents!) At the hosp with our nurse in tow "you need to watch the babies-you shouldnt all go to bed and leave them all alone" As I say, well meaning.

Just a quick update-have to get back to the Baby Love!