Thursday, May 26, 2011

Positive News !!

Hooray!! We got news that our lovely sm is most definately pregnant at this time :))
As before, its very early days, but we are on the right road again. With a moderately high beta value we may be looking at a twin pregnancy, tests in the next few weeks will give us more news.
We are so happy to be at this point again. Thanks for all the support. Will keep you updated. B & SJ xx

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2ww = Clean House

With each 2ww comes a spring clean ( no matter the season! )
Being a Virgo or a Monica as in the show Friends, cleaning and tidying is a great way for me to be distracted, as well as passing the time. Happily the plus side is residing in a show home, well until about Wednesday anyway :)

We went out for a nice drive and lovely lunch date together on Saturday, its not all about boring housework around here. It was a beautiful autumn day over-looking the water, a perfect way to forget any worries for a little while. A posh bottle of wine over lunch goes a long way in helping too- especially when its hubby who is driving home!

No news is good news at this stage. We continue to wait out the 2ww...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Happy to report we are in the 2ww! We are so relieved that our ice-babies survived the thaw and that we have more than one embryo which was able to be transferred to our beautiful surrogate. She really is such a pretty lady.

Now is the time to hope, wish & pray that things work out this time. The picture above is of a lovely white feather sent to us from another couple also on this incredible journey. A couple we have never met, who thought to send us a gift of good luck. Thank you! All the support, prayers and kind words from everyone has helped us so much.

The blog world has been a little quiet, although every update coming through is always interesting and a great way to feel connected. Two private blogs covering new sets of twins have given a great mix of practical information as well as photos of the cutest of little babies in such adorable outfits! Well done ladies for finding the time to share your precious moments.

So in the meantime, we will patiently enjoy the next 2ww ( yeah right! ) .

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sudden change of direction...(kind of)

We have been getting all revved up for our transfer to occur... The original anticipated date was last week, then was to be this week. But, as our SM had her final scan to check all was well, her womb was found to not be optimal at this time. As our Dr said, thank-goodness our embryos had not begun their thaw.

Yes, this time we are going with FET. We realize the chance of success is not as high as a fresh transfer, yet we feel complelled to give our little ice babies a chance. These are the little embryos left from our most recent try. Although our little baby did not make it, chromosomal testing showed no signs of any problem. A connection is already formed with these little ones, and our egg donor who helped us create them.

Thankfully a new SM is available, and our transfer will not be delayed for too long. So although theres a change in direction of sorts, we still continue along the same path, hopefully towards success!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

We have our tickets...

We have our tickets for the ride to start again! We are excited and nervous, but there is a strange calm in being so much more familiar with the whole process. Contract agreements are underway and our new surrogate mother has been chosen. She has a lovely smile and we hope it all works out in a positive way for all of us.

It will still be a while off before we have any real news, but it is always so nice once something is happening again and things are underway to try and make our dreams come true.

Its almost time to find those sick-bags, hold back those screams and jump back on the ride of our lives!