Sunday, May 22, 2011

2ww = Clean House

With each 2ww comes a spring clean ( no matter the season! )
Being a Virgo or a Monica as in the show Friends, cleaning and tidying is a great way for me to be distracted, as well as passing the time. Happily the plus side is residing in a show home, well until about Wednesday anyway :)

We went out for a nice drive and lovely lunch date together on Saturday, its not all about boring housework around here. It was a beautiful autumn day over-looking the water, a perfect way to forget any worries for a little while. A posh bottle of wine over lunch goes a long way in helping too- especially when its hubby who is driving home!

No news is good news at this stage. We continue to wait out the 2ww...


  1. I so understand the cleaning period of the 2WW! I have done it 3 times.

  2. Being a virgo as well, each 2ww or phone call with bad news, I would clean or landscape our yard to try and and be distracted and get rid of some of the tension. Hubby started writing wish lists for things for me to fix. Hang in there.

  3. Been there done that! We even went as far as installing a new dishwasher and otr micro for a distraction...oh and red wine!
    It can be a horribly long wait, as you know, just the beginning of the waiting. Stay strong.