Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hmmm..ideas & decisions.

This week we have re-visited baby names. Most baby related material was swiftly packaged into storage boxes and put downstairs into the back of the garage after the awful sadness we suffered last October. New baby things have started arriving again-(Thank You eBay!)-and remain upstairs in the (hopefully) nursery-to-be or office/exercise room as it is at present.

We are fairly decided on the names if we have two boys, have some ideas if its a boy and a girl, but nothing set for if two girls as yet. Yesterday I rummaged through those downstairs boxes -as you can see I have plenty of reading material to help out! So in the next week or so Im sure we'll be full of options.

We are looking forward to our next scan due shortly. We are quite thankful in a way to have these long breaks between scans as its indicative of no serious problems or complications occurring. We cant wait to see some pictures of our little ones- its been ages!

Otherwise, its almost the weekend, and time to relax and catch up with friends and family while we head towards Week 19. This weekend will be Fathers Day, and we all hope as many times before that B will be able to celebrate next year as a father himself. Fingers & toes (& everything) crossed it all works out this time.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just looking...

Each week we are becoming more brave... We have started to research and even look at some car yards. We presently have a lovely european car, previously and for now being DINKs (double income - no kids) we are happy to be looking at becoming SINKs (single income-numerous kids). Thus, a 2-door car is not going to cut it! Financially, neither is a european model, or even a brand new car, so after a fair amount of research we have narrowed it down to finding a gently used japanese model which will hopefully cover our needs.

Its still kind of weird explaining to the dealership salespeople that we are looking to buy in the next couple of months or so, and that we will need a car suitable for newborn twins, as I stand there in high heels & skinny jeans! Oh well..we havent found the need to go into any details as yet, but Im just waiting for someone to ask sooner or later!

Things are going along well and we will be entering Week 17 on Monday. Our surrogate mother is doing well and we are constantly sending her our thoughts and care. We are so happy for Kerrie & Mark. That amazing ripple of joy from all over the world upon the birth of each precious baby is one of the most uplifting parts of overseas surrogacy and our supportive community. Best wishes to all...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

On Track.. :)

We were very happy this week to get a (surprise) follow-up scan showing 'no bleed seen'. What a huge relief. This means that at this stage all is back to being stable and well!

We remain cautiously optimistic and hopeful things remain this way for the next number of weeks (18+). We will be entering week 15 this week.

Vaguely thinking about starting to research travel arrangements, although its still early days, with the due date around Xmas-New Year we probably need to get onto it. Have pretty much decided on the accomodation, just need to be brave enough to book it! Curious to know at how many weeks most twins have been born?

Having a very quiet weekend. Im sure I saw my neighbours giggle with both of us still in PJs and dressing gowns playing ball with Mali around 2pm today! The days of weekend sleep-ins will come to a swift close and we cant wait! PS: Oh Yes-Saying that Now... ;)