Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just looking...

Each week we are becoming more brave... We have started to research and even look at some car yards. We presently have a lovely european car, previously and for now being DINKs (double income - no kids) we are happy to be looking at becoming SINKs (single income-numerous kids). Thus, a 2-door car is not going to cut it! Financially, neither is a european model, or even a brand new car, so after a fair amount of research we have narrowed it down to finding a gently used japanese model which will hopefully cover our needs.

Its still kind of weird explaining to the dealership salespeople that we are looking to buy in the next couple of months or so, and that we will need a car suitable for newborn twins, as I stand there in high heels & skinny jeans! Oh well..we havent found the need to go into any details as yet, but Im just waiting for someone to ask sooner or later!

Things are going along well and we will be entering Week 17 on Monday. Our surrogate mother is doing well and we are constantly sending her our thoughts and care. We are so happy for Kerrie & Mark. That amazing ripple of joy from all over the world upon the birth of each precious baby is one of the most uplifting parts of overseas surrogacy and our supportive community. Best wishes to all...


  1. So glad everything is on track. Just a tip. Make sure that the double pram can easily fit into the boot as I find even with a mid size 4WD there is not much room left afterwards, no room for our dogs .....we have to somehow convince them that they will be OK strapped to the roof racks !!! Go the skinny jeans....there has to be some advantages to the surrogacy process.
    X Gemway

  2. B and SJ,
    Chad and I were in a similar situation. We decided to go car hunting to replace a 2-door, non-twin-compatible car. We definitely got some raised eyebrows when trying to explain that to the car salesmen.

    Yay for quiet twin pregnancies!


  3. I was thinking of this morning and wondering how every was going. Glad to hear it's all on track. ENJOY the shopping-- you two deserve it!!!

  4. Glad everything's going well, was just thinking of you this morning and wondering when your next post would be. Bernadette and I must think alike Lol! My hubby's in the car industry so if you need any advice on different models/brands just let us know! Enjoy the shopping!!!!

  5. You guys decided on Accm in India yet. Think we might arrived as your leaving and might cross paths. Denise

  6. I'm so excited for you and it's hilarious to think about your shopping excursion! I'll bet they did look at you funny when you mentioned having twins in the next few months. Enjoy what's happening right now and I wish you continued happiness over the second half of the wait!

  7. B & SJ,
    Congratulations! .. while I dont blog yet, we follow many of the same ones on the surrogacy journey. We are also from Australia and will also be in Delhi for Christmas babies (and yes two also!) ... keep rockin the skinny jeans!