Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding...(ours!)

Enjoyed watching the highlights of The Royal Wedding. I was lucky enough to be on a harbour cruise for the evening with two close girlfriends. With a little cheeky persistance we did manage to get a tv switched on to at least check out the dress and the arriving guests for us three 'on- duty fashion police' to scrutinise :) We thought Kates (Catherines) dress was lovely, although we all agreed, a slightly longer train and veil would given a more dramatic feel sweeping over the stairs.

It did make us two married ladies reminisce about our own wedding days. That thrill and excitement of arriving in a special car to meet your future husband, of solemn vows and of a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

Thoughout our journey to try and have a family, and surviving our recent sadness and dissapointments, I am so thankful that we found eachother and are travelling this road together. Although a challenging quest in so many ways , our surrogacy adventure has brought us closer than ever.

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  1. I could not agree more. It's unfortunate they we have to band together through such a tough ride but it sure makes you stronger as a couple. Hope you both are healing well and looking ahead to positive things!