Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Many Thanks...

We are going through a sad time yet again, but we remain positive that this will work out for us eventually and we will start a family. It just has to work. On the practical side there doesnt seem any reason why it should not...weve just taken a longer road. We are so ready to use the GPS navigation-lets just get there already! For some reason my blog didnt accept comments. We would like to thank our dear surro friends for all the lovely thoughtful and caring emails, messages and calls. It really does help so much to have the support from those who really know how it is. Friends and family continue to strongly support us on our adventure as well. We are deciding where to go to from here. A couple of options are available to us, and we will go in the direction recommended. A reasonable waiting time will ensue before anything starts again. We will use this time to recover and to take some deep breaths in preparation for the ride to start again... Best wishes, SJ & B xx


  1. I’m so happy to see you guys are staying Positive, If its one thing I have learnt from everyone’s surrogacy story is… Its only those that give up, that don’t succeed!

  2. Dont give up Guys. Wishing you success with your next attempt.