Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Following 6 Months....

The next 6 months was all about serious saving... although not as expensive as going to America, undertaking surrogacy is an expensive process. With having such an important goal, keeping motivated was easy.
We had only told our family of our plans, and I was counting the days until we would be leaving to visit India.
Another huge decision was to be made. We decided to use an egg donor, as our fertility problems could possibly have a genetic element. Also with me being over 35yrs, our chances of success could be challenging.
We had the choice of selecting a caucasion or indian egg donor. We chatted over this for a long while... being both very caucasion in looks..we wondered would it be better for our baby to look more similar to us? To avoid questions? From research and enquiry we decided to choose an indian egg donor. A lot of extra elements were involved to have a caucasion donor. Sometimes extra elements can complicate an already delicate situation. We want a happy and healthy baby- that is our priority. Besides the babies of mixed race are all kinds of cute!
The time was slowly approaching for us to visit India...
My husband was sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Good diet, exercise & no alcohol. This visit was to leave the sample of "swimmers". We co-ordinated our visit to hopefully have a fresh transfer.
Everyone, apart from family wondered why we would choose to go to India on holidays for only a few days and in the middle of the hottest summer in 100yrs?!? We could not wait!

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