Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The First Blog Post

Hello and welcome to our blog....
This is our story of wishing to become parents. As many couples who are "reproductively challenged" this is a difficult path we tread. Yet with faith, determination and a positive attitude we hope our dreams will come true.
We are blessed to live in the wonderful country of Australia. "The Lucky Country" in so many respects, but unfortunately not for those with fertillity problems. With local child adoption really not available these days and inter-country adoption with waiting lists of between 6-10 years we needed to look at other options. Surrogacy has been something I have researched for a long time. My husband and I do not have sisters. With all the rules in place,we knew no friends were able to satisfy the stringent regulations. We knew we would need to look overseas. It is our only real option to have a child.
America and India were where we looked. After many, many hours of research and discussion, we agreed we would go to India in the hope of starting a family.

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  1. Best Wishes for the path that lays ahead guys. We have been there and we understand. We will be waiting in anticipation of the day your journey comes to it's fruition !! xGemway