Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't Give Up

It's true... It's what people say who have had success with surrogacy. It's not an easy path. For many its after years of invasive treatments and dissapointments; well before surrogacy was even on their radar.

We picked ourselves up to try again. Our dream of having a baby would not happen by not going forward with our plan. Time was also becoming a factor with some Australian laws being changed and much media interest and hype. We had to get moving again...and soon.
Time went by, we decided on a new donor and surrogate. The tests showed there was no problems with the twins physically or genetically. Yet, a brand new start was suggested by our doctor and probably best for us emotionally as well.

We also decided on a little getaway trip for some rest and recovery after our sorrowful time. Being away on a tropical island would help to pass the time of when we hoped to have been picking up our babies. We chose Bali as the perfect place, and a great internet deal helped as the finances were (are) taking a beating.
Unfortunately, our cycle #2 ended with a "Negative Pregnancy" result.


  1. Welcome to blog land SJ. Great to hear you are keeping a positive attitude and moving forward. It will happen for the both of you.

  2. I can't wait to read your thoughts on everything. This is not an easy journey for anyone to undertake, the more we all share the more we learn.
    thank you for sharing,i look forward to reading about your little ones,