Friday, April 22, 2011

A good read...

Have spent the last few days reading this book. Bought it on eBay for a song, and would recommend it as a good read for anyone going through ivf/surrogacy. The doctor sounds a lovely and caring person who never loses hope for his patients to become parents one way or another. Much like our doctor too! The book shares the personal stories of couples while covering the scientific portion of ivf I found most interesting. Although the book is a little dated, the ivf procedures described are the same used today, probably just refined over time. Much like the blogs, it is comforting to read about other peoples feelings, struggles & success stories as we navigate along our path.

We are enjoying our Easter break. Some time to relax together at home as well as heading out to see family and friends. Mali loves all the attention of having us both home..constant cuddle time!

I love her happy little face and propellor tail-she can always make us smile!


  1. Have you heard of extreme grooming? It's where people clip and colour and decorate their doggies and put them in competitions. I have some good ideas for you!

  2. He He! I can only imagine..B wont take her out walking in anything pink as it is ;)

  3. Thanks for the good read, i will try to find it this week! You are such a strong person we are heading into try #4 (dont know when) and its blogs like urs that give us hope.

    If you dont mind me asking which clinic did you use for your tries?

  4. Hi Mandy,

    Yes, it does take strength & determination to be at #4. You must have plenty of that as well! Best of Luck to you. We are with Dr Shivani & the SCI team.