Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Heartbeat..Joy!

A late evening email delivered news of a scan and a heartbeat. Although fragile days, the presence of a heartbeat early on is a good sign. Our babys heartrate was 117bpm. Ive read before that the rate sometimes can indicate a boy or a girl. With a boys consistantly below about 130bpm & a girls being above 140bpm. Not that we have any favour between either sex- happy & healthly are our concerns. Yet, I am curious if this proved right for any of the new parents?
We were happy to see that our little one "gained" an extra few days on top of the seven days since the last scan, with the measurement gauging 6wks & 1day as of yesterday. Keep growing strong little baby xx
We look forward to another scan in the next two weeks or so, and in the meantime send our kindest thoughts and regards to our SM and our team- Thank You.


  1. Yay, we love a hearbeat!! We first got ours on Valentine's Day two years back, to which I've announced that Nik can give up on giving me anything for VD ever again as this was the ultimate gift.

    And sorry, but the heartbeat theory is an urban myth. One of our guys had a really high heartbeat and the other lower, so I was happy to believe that we had at least one girl - and we ended up with twin boys. Couldn't love them anymore, even if I can't dress them in pink, purple or glitter. Often. Ha ha!!


  2. Awesome news!!! It is so great to get a heartbeat and then the true reality kicks in huh...another 30 weeks of stress!

  3. Wonderful news Sarahjane & Brent, I have been thinking about you both!!! Kind regards Renee & Paul

  4. Fantastic ! So happy for you both. THis time is going to work :)
    Best Wishes