Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Singleton !!

As our beta value indicated, its a single!

We hope and pray this little one decides to snuggle in for the long-haul. We are so happy to read about the many joyful births that have happened recently. Congratulations to all the new parents. It gives us hope that it can (and will) happen!

We look forward to the next few weeks. Athough they will contain vast amounts of waiting, patience(?), email-obsession and anxiousness, we are so incredibly happy to be at this point.


  1. Great news! Lots of prayers for your little one here. Snuggle in, stay put and grow!

  2. Wonderful news guys. We will pray that this time you will have success. Bug hugs to your Mali her picture makes me laugh - I miss my puppies.

  3. Awesome news indeed. I am so happy for you guys. Will be praying for you all.


  4. Congrats again guys! Snuggle in little one!