Friday, October 7, 2011

Lets Get Physical!

All is going along well. (Woo Hoo!)

Each weekend we have been concentrating on domestic duties, knowing that (hopefully) there will be no time for such things come January. We have been such busy bees :)

Tomorrow we are picking up our new car, not brand new, but new for us! Its a large Honda sedan which shall cover our needs regarding back seat room for car seats and a huge boot space for a double pram. Its still a little fancy with leather seats and a sunroof, Im not quite ready for a soccer-mum-boring (ie: too practical) car just yet. Maybe for the next time round.

The last few weeks Ive been 'getting physical' (minus the leotards and headbands!) Im going to need some muscles caring for two babies. Its been quite some time since I went to the gym, but the exercise bike and some free weights at home are actually doing something.

This Monday we will be heading into Wk24. Hopefully we will be getting a scan towards the end of next week. We cant wait to see how our little ones are progressing.


  1. Yay for week 24! I am just so happy that things are going along nicely. A much deserving couple!!

  2. how fantastic! - next you'll need to learn to lift little sacks of potatoes!, work those arms. XX

  3. Wow it's going quickly now! Best wishes for now and the future.

  4. WOW 24 weeks already? Glad things are goin gso well ;)

  5. Congrats on 24 weeks! That's awesome!