Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Always in our hearts...

Today is the anniversary of us losing our precious twins. We think of them often. They changed us forever even though we never got to meet. Since that heartbreak, a little distance has always remained in regard to our surrogacy journey. Knowing such joy can turn to such pain keeps us somewhat controlled in our emotions, thoughts and behaviour. I still havent even told my work collegues yet. It was only for the fact no one there knew, that I could carry on and go back to work at that time. Id love to be more excited and enthusiastic at this stage, but not just yet...

Some news on our latest scan has our surrogate mother in the hospital for observation. She is doing just fine, as are the babies. Thankfully our team are extremely cautious and we hope beyond hope that things remain stable and well and only observation is required. We need to get through six more weeks at the very least, but hopefully more like nine or ten. Wishes and prayers are heading to Delhi as always...


  1. So touching to read your lines. We are walking this path quite in sync - we are 25w6d today with our precious little baby. Our SM has also been under strict observation due to pregnancy induced high BP and we are hoping for 10 more weeks without knowing how things are going to develop in november-december. Welcome to join my blog and let's follow each others on our roads. Sending you the best of thoughts and hoping for good news only from India!

  2. Hi SJ,
    Thinking of you at this time. i celebrated for you when you got past the 22 week mark. Cheers Gemway

  3. Touching blog. So sorry for your loss. Praying for only joy and happiness for you from now on. Take care and best wishes to your SM and babies!!

  4. I understand your feelings and understand what you were going through, we lost our twins in july.....I have everything crossed for your journey now!! best wishes to you all x

  5. You have been such an inspiration to me! You are one strong mommy and I cannot wait to see pictures of you holding those sweet babies in your arms! I know those moments will be here in no time!

  6. Take care and be gentle at this time.