Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is this a hint...?

How random is this advert at my train station :) of all the things! We have actually booked and paid for our (flexible) air tickets this week. Its a big and scary step but each day that passes with no bad news is a day closer to meeting our precious twins.

We have reservations in at Svelte, but thankfully have a few months to save for that one, as a three week stay is hardly pocket change. Hope to also look at a couple of cars this weekend. All this planning, organising and budgeting can get overwhelming at times, but being a little Virgo, Id really have it no other way :)


  1. Definetly a sign SJ ! It's your time. Glad you get to stay at Svelte - very worth the expense. Thinking of you and counting down the days to we hear the baby news.

  2. I reckon it's a sign too. It's getting closer and closer!!

  3. Totally a sign!!! In this process, no news is always good news and I'm praying that you have no news out of the ordinary here in the last bit.