Sunday, September 11, 2011

All in a name...

We have enjoyed trying to pick out some names over the last couple of weeks. One of the most special parts of our research was finding the meaning of our surrogate~mothers' name...SUCCESS!! Heres hoping her namesake will be indicative of the outcome :)

We have a few favourites, and a couple of 'no-ways!'. I have been referring to the twins by Bs least favourites just as a stir. Luckily we are quite agreeable on the real ones!

Our scans are due this week, so really looking forward to those. I thought they were to be last week, but patience is a virtue, and we are well practiced in waiting. While everything remains fine and stable, its so much easier. No news really is good news.


  1. We only came up with a name for our baby after she was born.... We had a late lunch after her birth at M Block and took this time to sort out a name. You just never know!

  2. Glad all is looking good. Best wishes for more smooth sailing.

  3. Thinking of you!. No news is VERY good news!.

  4. Ha, we have been playing the name game for MONTHS! it is fun and we change our minds every week. We have taken to writing all the names we like on one of our walls in the house that we may or may not paint over one day. Enjoy this name game!