Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sudden change of direction...(kind of)

We have been getting all revved up for our transfer to occur... The original anticipated date was last week, then was to be this week. But, as our SM had her final scan to check all was well, her womb was found to not be optimal at this time. As our Dr said, thank-goodness our embryos had not begun their thaw.

Yes, this time we are going with FET. We realize the chance of success is not as high as a fresh transfer, yet we feel complelled to give our little ice babies a chance. These are the little embryos left from our most recent try. Although our little baby did not make it, chromosomal testing showed no signs of any problem. A connection is already formed with these little ones, and our egg donor who helped us create them.

Thankfully a new SM is available, and our transfer will not be delayed for too long. So although theres a change in direction of sorts, we still continue along the same path, hopefully towards success!


  1. please G-d, let this work for you! Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

    kindest regards

  2. Oh I hate that you had this little bump in the road! Thank god your embryos were still on ice. Hopefully your wait is not too much longer and let the good news start flowing!

  3. good luck to you i have evrything crossed for you both x

  4. Our little bump in the road with our first Surrogate led to our twins so fingers crossed this occurs for you both. Best wishes and baby dust. x

  5. We picked our surrogate, were in India, met her and thought she was great. All contracts were signed and we were only a couple of days before the transfer when things apparently didn't go well with her uterus. Dr Shivani had luckily had a surrogate going through a "practice" month that matched and we were told to come to the office to sign new contracts so the embryos could be transfered. While we were a little shocked by the change in plans, and the lack of choice, the reality is we are now almost 13 weeks pregnant with twins! All I can say is things happen for a reason. We are very happy Dr Shivani decided to "change our direction" Good luck with the transfer!

  6. I am so, so, so praying that THIS is the time!!! I have heard so many stories of women whose first fresh cycles failed but then the frozen worked. You have to figure that these are the best of the eggs if they are strong enough to freeze. I am really looking forward to some *positive* updates:)