Sunday, February 26, 2012

Few More Photos..

A few snaps of the nursery from just before we left to meet the girls..its not quite so tidy now!

Its always great to have the extra help from Mali in monitioring the girls :)
Out & about- checking out the neighbourhood.


  1. The nursery looks lovely really calm. Started on mine this weekend. Your girls are so beautiful.

  2. I love your nursery - can I move in? :D
    Lovely girls, I'm very happy for you, truly. Thank you for sharing your life with us :)

  3. I love the nursery!!
    I am so pleased that Mali takes the baby duties so seriously everyone should have a mali!!!
    Girls are wonderful!!
    Best wishes

  4. The bubs look lovely and snug in their pram and Mali is such a cute dog, if only he had thumbs and then he could help out even more! LOL!!! Nursery is gorgeous!!

  5. Lovely pictures what lovely little babies !!