Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DNA Test Required...really?



Daddy B

Affectionally known as the "crab choppers" those toes can grab onto and pick up anything!!

Im not so sure our little ladies will be thrilled with their possibly less than dainty toes, but even the most sensible shoes can be painted pink with sequins applied :)

Amy and Lara continue to do well. They are on maximum feeds and we just monitor their weight gain each day. The girls seem to take in turn who is most awake each visit- its going to be interesting if this is the general theme of their sleep patterns! They are very calm babies and even the doctors and nurses have commented. B hardly ever cried as a baby, so thats a great trait to pass on.

We are slowly starting some of the initial exit paperwork, but we are not in a big rush and will wait and see how things go in the next couple of weeks.

Fur baby Mali is having a wonderful time being cared for in far north Australia. Shes even getting the chance to socialise with a young baby and an active toddler, so we are hoping she will settle right in on our return. She was so good will all the new furniture and baby bits throughout the house. Many people have said she will be just great with the babies as she has a sweet nature although somewhat hyperactive at times.

Will continue to post our little updates of our big adventure!


  1. LOL! This toe gene really is passed on :D It is quite amazing how you can see similarities so early. Our Jennifer also has her daddy's hands and feet, which was obvious already as a newborn. :) Oh, I can't wait until we can explore our little newbie's toes and fingers...
    Big hugs,

  2. love the toes!!! the proof is in the toes, lol!!! congrats! Rene'

  3. Definitely like their Daddy! So glad to hear they are doing so well. Keep updating us. x

  4. Yes it looks like the girls have lil crab choppers, how cute!!!! Love the updates and so glad Amy and Lara are doing so well!!!

  5. gorgeous little crab feet!. So glad they are doing so well & that fur baby is also feeling quite content!

  6. Jeanette sent your blog address to me. The babies are so cute. I love the toe photos. Yes there is absolutely no need for DNA ha ha. Have a happy new year from all of us here. Love Barb and Bill