Thursday, December 29, 2011

Delhi news...

Little Amy..doing well with the tube+bottle.

Feeding Lara

Snug as a bug in a rug!!

So relaxed at 'home'.

Nice view from our room, always something to see.

Things continue to go well here. Lara has settled in with us at the hotel. We are lucky enough to have nurses to help out at the moment, as going off to visit Amy daily takes until afternoon for one of us each day.

Lara enjoys her bottles, and is most awake after she is put down for her nap! She settles just looking around at all the new sights from her carry-bag bed :)

Amy is doing well and gaining weight each day, we hope to have her with us around Monday which will be wonderful.

Wishing all of our nearest and dearest a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2012!


  1. So pleased that you have Lara with and that Amy will soon be discharged. Happy New Year to you all.

  2. I'm so happy to read your lines and learn that your girls are doing so well.
    Our little one is about to arrive soon. Think, your babies could be in uteri yet aswell.
    Big hugs from Mumbai!

  3. Absolutely beautiful; soon you will be all together!

  4. Can't wait until the whole family is together! I think they are getting more beautiful by the day! A VERY happy new year to your new family!!!

  5. Sweet little princesses!! I think you will have the happiest New Year of them all! Glad Amy is nearing the end of her hospital stay. Take care and keep the pics rolling

  6. I just can't believe how far you all have come!. Cannot wait for Monday until you'll all be together. So very precious!!.
    Thanks for your updates, really enjoying them. xxx

    Please rub our SM's tummy for us!!.

  7. Very happy for you that you have one baby home :) it won't be long now before you have two and you are rushed off your feet. Enjoy this special time. Thinking of you.
    Best Wishes

  8. So precious. We are booked to arrive in 16 days. We may get to meet finally. Denise

  9. Hey Jane,
    So good to see you with your baby.The girls are beautiful. This was an amazing start to this new year.....keep the pics rolling:)

    Take care,