Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bigger & Stronger...

Lara...strike a pose!


Lara..whistle while you wait..


Amy...Hi guys!

Our sweet little girls have been doing so well over the last few days!
They have been putting on weight and getting stronger everyday. Lara has now started taking the bottle and her feed tube is out. Amy likes to pull her tube out (?!) but she still needs it for now, and thankfully popping a new one back in didnt cause her a drama.

The doctors remain happy with all progress, and we may be lucky enough to have Lara discharged to us in the next week or so. One of us will go and spend time with Amy each day till she can come back too. The way she is going, she wont be too far behind hopefully.

Otherwise we continue to enjoy our time here. A surprising amount of Christmas decor and cheer abounds. We even bought a tiny tree to decorate and celebrate this extra special Christmas we are having this year. Sending our very best wishes for the festive season to all our blog readers- family, friends and surro buddies. Fingers and toes are crossed that each special journey at whichever stage results in a wonderful 2012 full of celebration and cheer! B & SJ xx


  1. Glad girls are going well. Hopefully they will be out with you soon. x

  2. Merry Christmas to the new Mummy and Daddy! So glad the girls are doing so well!!

  3. Oooooh, so exciting!!! Congrats & Merry Christmas!!!!!!! (Heidi here!)

  4. I love, love, love seeing the pictures of the girls-- thanks for sharing! And I am so thrilled that they are doing SO well. You guys deserve all the good news in the world!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Have an amazing first Christmas with your girls!

  6. What a wonderful Christmas that you'll have altogether!. Gorgeous girls you have - both absolutely beautiful.

  7. Merry xmas SJ and B!! I'm sure you had a very special day together. And yep, you'll have those babies with you in no time the way the girls are going. I know how much you'll be itching to get them, but enjoy the special time together while there's just two of you while you can too.


  8. Wonderful pics of the girls SJ. Hope you had a fabulous, very special Christmas. Aveyx

  9. Hi B and SJ,

    I've enjoyed reading the blog! Glad to hear the girls are doing well and look forward to meeting them. It sounds like you're having a lovely Christmas. x Delia