Sunday, November 6, 2011

In the know :)

Well my research has certainly paid off! I now feel competely confident after following the above instructions :) We otherwise had a lovely yet busy weekend socialising with friends in gorgeous spring weather. This afternoon I went through and sorted out all the tiny baby clothes into one box as outfits covering from prem till about 2yrs have somehow found their way to our place thanks to an ebay facination mixed with a shop-o-holic tendency!

Updates followed that our surrogate mother remains in hospital under observation and bedrest. All remains stable and there is no immediate concern at this time. My mantra is "please get through November" that would have the babies in a much safer point in time. We are booked for Delhi at the end of December though and we obviously hope for the babies to stay put till then.

Its an exciting time in blogland at present, with so many precious babes due any day now. We look forward to celebrating from afar.


  1. I'm thinking just like you - please, please let us pass November!
    Fingers crossed!!

  2. Loll. Loving this! Praying all goes perfectly for you

  3. SUCH AN EXCITING TIME! Can't wait to hear about all the new babies-- of course, I would prefer that they all take their good old time making their debut. Much less stress for the new mommies and dadddies!

  4. Toby loves coffee!

    Looks like you're all set!

    Meg x

  5. love it! the first laugh I've had in days! Best wishes as always