Friday, July 8, 2011


Our latests scans show things are going along well. Our little ones are measuring at CRLs of 31mm with nice strong heart rates. We still have that feeling that this can all be taken away in an instant, with our previous experiences, we cant help but feel so scared (all the time). Each time my phone rings in the later evening, I dread it may be our doctor delivering bad news. But I guess the further along we go, the more stable we will feel things are.

Meanwhile, we will try and keep busy. We have a family engagement to celebrate next weekend, so will look forward to that. Had a wonderful girls night out last night, dancing late into the evening. Going to try out my kareoke skills at our local bar tonight-daggy I know-but so much fun, and with a very encouraging audience, no real skill is required!

Best wishes to all & fond thoughts to our special lady carrying our babies. Thank You.


  1. It sounds like you are off to a very good soon to be beginning of trimester 2. I know how uneasy you are and there really is nothing that can take that away - other than holding your baby(ies) at the end. Busy is good, as is red wine :)

  2. We are so close in dates and I know how you feel, it would be nice to just enjoy. However we are keeping busy too. Best of luck.

  3. May I ask what clinic in India you are with?

  4. How wonderful to be where you are. Keep busy and let your self dream! Holding positive thoughts.

  5. My thoughts are with you. Hoping for a lovely carefree pregnancy this time around. Take care
    Lucylu xx

  6. How wonderful!. That is fantastic news!.Keep busy with everything and wishing you a smooth and happy journey. We're thinking of you & staying strong & positive for you.
    Who knows - you may be offered a recording contract too!.

  7. *He He!! Thanks Astrid..will let you know :)

    *We are with Dr Shivani & the SCI team.

  8. Wonderful, wonderful news. Allow yourselves to enjoy and stay positive. Positive thoughts & vibes are heading your way....

  9. Remember, no news is good news!

    Meg xxx